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Our firm provides legal services related to patents, trademarks, designs, prosecution, litigation and legal opinions in the United States and abroad. Our boutique firm offers the benefits of experience of large firm’s attorneys with the dedication and fees of a small firm team. We offer very competitive fees and uncomplicated approach.

We specialize in patent prosecution in the biotechnology, electrical and mechanical fields as well trademark prosecution in general. Our members have experience as a former patent examiner at the United States Patent and Trademark Office and Administrative trademark Judge at the Chinese Patent and Trademark Office.

Our firm works in association with foreign firms in China, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, European Union and many others.

Focusing on Intellectual Property in the following areas:

Patent prosecution and Counseling

Trademark prosecution and Appeals

Trademark Infringement

PCT International Patent Applications

IP Portfolio Management

Litigation & Arbitration

Freedom to Operate Analysis

Infringement Opinion

Fields of Expertise:


Computer & Software

Mechanical and Electrical

Life Sciences

Trademarks and Designs

Medical Devices


Patent Validity Opinions

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